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Multi Toolkit Arcball


01-06-2016 multiarcball-0.3.0 is released. add qt support.

24-01-2011 multiarcball-0.2.3 is released. Bug fix release.

21-07-2010 multiarcball-0.2.2 is released. Bug fix release.

09-09-2009 multiarcball-0.2.1 is released.

22.06.2009 multiarcball-0.2.0 is released.

 The goal of MultiArcball library is to give simple OpenGL widgets that provides three dimentional manipulation:

  • translating
  • zooming
  • rotation
  • prescribed projections
  • windowing zoom

Library writen on C++ and contains several parts. First part is GUI independet and provide classes for vectors, matrixes and quaternions. next parts is essentialy widget classes for some GUI toolkits. At present following GUI toolkit is supported:

Support of GUI is optional, and therefore you may choose appropriate toolkit or use only first part or make you own GUI widget.

The library contains autotools based build system and tested on next operational systems: Linux and Windows (cygwin). We plane also provide MSVC project files in the future.

Multiarcball library is free software distributed under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).

gtkmm multiarcball example

gtkmm multiarcball example

fltk-1 multiarcball example

fltk-1 multiarcball example


current source code

git snapshots

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