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My ebuilds collection

Category PackageDescription
x11-libsfltk Updated 26.04.2009 ebuild for current version of fltk library fltk-1.1.9.ebuild including rotated text patch for Xft
You can also download only rotated text patch for fltk-1.1.9. It includes rotated text functions for X11(xft only),Win32 and MacOS(Quartz) support it is similar to function added for fltk-1.3 svn.
dev-utilpbsdk Unofficial PocketBook SDK pbsdk-1.0.6.ebuild. You must manualy add pbsdk-1.0.6.i386.deb from its home page and other *.deb from ubuntoo-10.10.i386.iso (or repository) to distfiles.NEW pbsdk-1.1.0-r1.ebuild.
dev-utilanjuta anjuta 2.2.x and 2.4.x have a bug - they don't use prefered not utf8 encodings setting.This ebuildscontains patch that fix this problem.
x11-miscfsv2 ebuild for fsv2 fsv2-1.1.0.ebuild
x11-libsfltk-1.3 weekly snapshot ebuild Updated 10.01.2010 ebuild for fltk-1.3 release candidat (weekly snapshot) fltk-1.3.0_rc3.ebuild
net-imflmanowar ebuild for flmanowar download
games-strategymegaglest ebuild for megaglest magaglest-3.4.0


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