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fltk checkers

fltk checkers

pocketbook checkers

pocketbook checkers

This is cross platform checkers game that supports Russian and English checkers rules It works on Linux,Windows and known to works on Mac OS X.It's also ported to pocketbook 3xx,60x and 90x see pocketbook project at SF.


03-03-2012 yacheckers-1.4.0 is released save history and load games support.

26-02-2012 yacheckers-1.3.2 is released Small bug fixes.

20-02-2011 yacheckers-1.3.1 is released PocketBook Pro 60x-90x support. Small bug fixes.

13-09-2010 yacheckers-1.3.0 is released Add undo/redo for AI game.

06.09.2010 yacheckers-mipd-1.1.0 is released Java ME port of yacheckers. Add English checkers type game

12.07.2010 yacheckers-mipd-1.0.1 is released Java ME port of yacheckers. Some bug fixed

24.06.2010 yacheckers-mipd-1.0 is released this is Java ME port of yacheckers. Only Russian checkers is supported for now

25.05.2010 yacheckers-1.2.1 is released this is bugfix release. fix error in Russian type game

28.03.2010 yacheckers-1.2.0 is released - PocketBook 302 support.

11.12.2009 yacheckers-1.1.0 is released - some fixes for PocketBook. Add 2 players game.

24.07.2009 yacheckers-1.0.1 is released - change colors, add checkers themes, some fixes (PocketBook only).

20.07.2009 yacheckers-1.0 is released - speed improvement some fixes.

17.07.2009 yacheckers-1.0_rc5 released change screen update add ClearScreen after each move

02.07.2009 yacheckers-1.0_rc4 released change screen update

01.07.2009 yacheckers-1.0_rc3 released (I belive this is last rc).

30.06.2009 yacheckers-1.0_rc2 released.

27.06.2009 yacheckers-1.0_rc1 released.


You can download current source code , binary for pocketbook 301+,302 and 360
, binary for new pocketbook models

Subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:
svn co https://flmanowar.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/flmanowar/branches/yacheckers

JavaME version - source code,compiled midlet

Previous versions: source code , binary for pocketbook 301+,302 and 360
, binary for new pocketbook models


  • add Russian translation
  • add save/load, and notation support
  • add anticheckers game - "поддавки" (poddavki)
  • add network game (see flmanowar page)

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